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5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets


5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets

Kakigori is also known as shaved ice, and it is one of the most popular Japanese desserts especially during summer! You can find kakigori at various locations - from summer festival's food stalls to classy cafes and restaurants, you can find various types, from simple to fun and unique kakigori! Kakigori that you get at summer festivals generally use fruit flavored syrups to make it tasty, but the one that classy cafes and restaurants serve sometime have more toppings such as fresh fruits, shiratama (mochi), and more! It is a perfect dessert for summer!


5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets

Anmitsu is a very popular Japanese dessert that usually contains fruits such as oranges, pineapples and cherry, cube of agar jelly, red bean, a scoop of ice cream, and sometimes shiratama (mochi), eaten with mitsu (sweet syrup).
This is a cooling and refreshing dessert, and there are many more unique Anmitsu offered in different cafes and restaurants! Aside from standard Anmitsu, some places offer acai Anmitsu, lemon tea Anmitsu, mango Anmitsu, and more, so it's worth checking out these unique Anmitsu too!


5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets

Mizuyokan is softer than a standard yokan, which is made of the same ingredients, red bean, sugar but less agar and more water. Mizuyokan used to be a seasonal dessert for winter, and there are few regions that still only eat it in winter. Its sweetness is very elegant, and the texture is very smooth. You should definitely give it a try!

Soft Cream(ソフトクリーム)

5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets

Soft Cream is one of the most popular summer foods during the hottest part of the season. In Japan this is called "Sofuto" and it is creamy and sweet.You can find a variety of limited edition flavours from different places around the country.

Fruit Jelly(フルーツゼリー)

5 Tasty Japanese Summer Sweets

Fruit jelly in summer is a really nice cool-down. You can find it everywhere and even can make it on your own. Remember this is Japan where the quality of fruit has a high reputation. Some shops offer jelly made from seasonal fresh fruit juice. Doesn't it sound interesting to try one?


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